Specialist Services

Realnet support many businesses that we refer to as ‘specialist services’ as they do not necessarily fall into typical categories such as accountants or solicitors. These range from pet cremation centres to decontamination services for the NHS. We have several of these clients that we have, month on month, every month for years, increased visitor and enquiry numbers.

Custom solutions

Our specialist clients all have one thing in common – off-the-shelf solutions do not fit with the uniqueness of their business. Many come to us rather than compromising on their established working practices. In short, they want to keep and expand on their special services so that existing customers keep coming back and new ones appreciate a different kind of service. We can help with:

  • Integration services to link to other systems
  • Unique features and functionality
  • Honest and clear technical advice

Our services are tailored to each of our clients and our scope covers attracting more visitors or leads and sales through our digital marketing services as well as enabling bespoke features that provide better customer service.

Understanding our clients

Realnet does not operate exclusively in one industry sector but neither are we a ‘get a website and churn it out’ type agency. Most of our clients stay with us for years, even decades and we pride ourselves on becoming an extension of their marketing team or company.

The type of understanding we establish with our clients, on all levels from digital marketing execs, project managers and account managers mean that Realnet don’t just do what we’re told! We can be critical friends as well as friendly partners.

Together, we can ensure that new requirements, even bespoke updates and features are accomplished quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss.

Understanding your clients

Some of our clients may have such a specialist service that the competition is relatively limited. However, the competition that does exist is often very strong and maintaining ‘clear water’ between you requires constant effort. Realnet can help by continuously measuring and improving your website in terms of SEO and content marketing while also thinking outside the box in terms of converting visitors into leads.

Specialist services digital marketing

Our client digital marketing solutions have included:

  • Social media account management and advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising to speed up sales
  • Keyword analysis to identify SEO-targeted content
  • Complete email campaign management to agreed schedule
  • Quick website content writing and page creation

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