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Grow your business online with our digital marketing packages for small business

Our all-in-one website and digital marketing package for small business is created and managed in-house by our UK based team of web developers, designers and digital marketing experts.

In order for you to compete in your industry and marketplace, you need a website that communicates the benefits to your customers. Realnet's goal is to increase your website visitor numbers and turn those visitors into enquiries or sales.

We’re here to help make growing your small businesses online presence a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

We know that some digital marketing agencies can be expensive and unclear. We are proud that our digital marketing package for small businesses is jargon-free and doesn’t require a large upfront cost.

Our friendly team are experienced in helping small businesses get the most from their money and producing tangible results.


Small Business Package Overview

Our small business package has been created specifically with the needs of small business owners in mind.

Understanding your time and skilled resources are best applied elsewhere, we’re here to help with your company’s online presence. Here’s what the small business package includes and how it works.

Digital Marketing Expertise

A member of our digital marketing team will work closely with you to understand your business, your products and services and who your target audience is.

We'll identify 5 keywords or key phrases where your company would like to be found online, for example ‘digital marketing packages’, and your new website will be created to target these specific keywords so that you’ll hit the ground running when it’s launched.


A Professional Website

We’ll work with you to design a new website that’s modern, mobile-friendly and is focused on generating enquiries or sales.

Website Design

Website design is part of our small business package. We’ll choose a layout to fit with your industry and services that focus on generating enquiries from customers. We’ll design your small business website to complement your company's branding; combining your existing resources and our high-quality images to illustrate your website and appeal to your target customers.

Responsive Website

Your new website will be fully responsive, meaning it will work beautifully on mobile, tablet, laptop and computer screens, so your customers will have a great experience on any device.

Content and Search Engine Optimisation

We understand that writing content to align with your digital marketing can be a daunting task. Our in-house copywriters take the hassle away and create content for your website, so you can focus on business as usual.

Your website’s content will be researched and optimised for search engines, so your customers can find you online through Google, Bing and other search engines. Realnet’s expert SEO content writing team have been optimising websites for more than 15 years.

Hosting & Support

As part of our small business package, we’ll host and manage your new website and provide ongoing support to ensure everything runs smoothly and your customers are getting the best from your website.


Ongoing Digital Marketing

The next part of our all-in-one website and marketing package continuously promotes your small business online and places you in front of your target customers.

Digital Marketing

As the digital world is constantly evolving, it is vital that the performance of your website is reviewed regularly.

Every month, as part of our ongoing digital marketing services, our experienced team of digital marketing experts will update and constantly improve all aspects of your online presence with the aim of generating more customers for your business. This might be a combination of the following:


Using advanced tools such as Google Analytics to understand how your customers interact with your website and work on ways to enhance their experience to generate more enquiries.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring your website’s content is up-to-date and optimised for search engines and targets the keywords and phrases your customers are using to find your business online.

Content Marketing

Writing compelling content for your website, blog, news, social media channels and more to build brand awareness and bring more traffic to your website.

Online Presence

We’ll ensure your business is fully online and in front of your target customers, and everything is as stress-free for you as possible. We’ll ensure your website details online are up-to-date, there are no issues with your website and search engines, and everything is running smoothly.

Monthly Digital Marketing Reports & Regular Meet-Ups

Every month, as part of our digital marketing package, you will receive a jargon-free report detailing all the recent activity carried out by our team, including an easy-to-understand breakdown of your websites’ monthly stats and analytics so you can track progress going forward.


Communication is a key factor in our relationship going forward. We’ll regularly chat with you by email or over the phone to ensure our knowledge of your business is fresh and up-to-date and to answer any questions, queries or to discuss ideas to promote your small business.

In addition to our monthly reports, we’ll also meet with you regularly to ensure everything is going in the right direction for your business.

The Realnet team will strive to make your digital marketing as straight-forward and successful for you as possible. Our professional in-house project management, web development and digital marketing teams will guide you through the process and ask as little of your time as we possibly can.


To get started or to learn more, fill in the enquiry form below or give us a call on 01223 550800, and let Realnet help take your business to the next level as your digital partner.


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Where to start?

If you're not sure where to start, Realnet's completely free website and digital marketing review will point you in the right direction. Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of a number of aspects of your website and marketing strategies and will provide you with a free report highlighting areas which are causing you to lose business and make suggestions for improvements that will have a measurable positive impact.


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