Realnet has successfully increased visits, leads and sales throughout our SaaS client base by combining our website design and build expertise with digital marketing resources. Your goals for the website are where we start, everything else from planning to delivery of your website as well as ongoing maintenance is focussed on this.

We make it our business to understand your software offer, your clients, and the unique selling points (USPs) that differentiate you from the competition. 

Competing with other software providers

We understand that for some businesses and organisations out there, your software offer, together with the services you provide is ideal. It could be price, scalability or most importantly, its features and the service that sets you apart. The problem is simply getting in front of the right people with the right requirement.

Our experience and expertise allow us to combine design and development skills with digital marketing know-how. We tie in your USPs, including application features and services, with searched-for keywords so that we implement a solution selling approach to the right people. We know that one good lead can result in many years of business, but a bad lead can waste precious time in demos, fact-finding, and proposal writing. 

Clever SEO

The greater the clarity of the search terms your visitors use, the more specific their needs will tend to be. We leverage this by not only targeting simpler keywords and phrases e.g. ‘website design’ but by putting in place levels of content that enable ‘long-tail’ search terms e.g. ‘web design with digital marketing in cambridge’. These terms may be far less popular, but in an industry where a few great leads make all the difference, they are invaluable.

Conversion optimisation

We don’t just get the right visitors onto your website – we convert them into leads and clients. Our detailed planning phase ensures that we understand your ‘audience’. We say ‘audience’ but typically, your audience can include many groups depending on factors like the company they work for, their role within the organisation, their priorities, their location and even their personality.

We ensure that all key audience groups are catered for with different entry points and different levels of information as part of our user experience service.

SaaS needs

Our client website solutions have included specialist facilities, especially to give visitors information in a clear, structured way:

  • FAQ and glossary libraries to include on relevant pages
  • Easy to manage landing pages that combine features, advantages and benefits of your software
  • Immediate calls to action for demo bookings, live chat and call-backs
  • In-built news, testimonial and case study feeds to keep content dynamic and backup messages such as key features

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