Realnet work with businesses and organisations that have different reaches in terms of their customer base. Some service-based clients may have a target region for a variety of reasons.

One East Anglia based client experienced an increase in visitors of over 70%, a bounce rate decrease of over 13% and a page view increase of nearly 100% compared to the previous month due to the SEO and content marketing provided on the new website we built them.

The benefit of location

While targeting a region rather than a national approach narrows down your audience, it does allow our digital marketing team to use location-based keywords and locally targeted PPC and social media campaigns.

We make sure search engine profiles (Google Places, Bing My Business) are correctly managed to leverage in-built location recognition while ensuring that your website content backs up the regional audience focus.

In short, our digital marketing team can make you a big fish in a small pond.

Leveraging familiarity

When it comes to some services and even products, staying local is a priority or even a requirement for some potential customers. Realnet digital marketing coordinates both static content e.g. information pages and dynamic content e.g. news/blogs with a message that reinforces your regional identity.

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