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Unlike some agencies, Realnet project managers combine a sales role so are involved in any project right from the very start. With years of experience in the website industry, our project managers not only facilitate your website project but provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Adapting requirements to budgets
  • Informed, unbiassed opinion of cost versus benefit
  • Guidance on website structure and content requirements

Our project managers see your project through from sale to completion and guide you through all the stages in between.

Project methodologies

We can employ both agile and waterfall management techniques to projects as relevant. Fast turn-around websites or prototype systems may benefit from an agile approach while budget-driven projects involving digital marketing disciplines or third parties (such as integrations) can often benefit from more of an upfront plan of action.

Our internal project systems ensure that our teams work seamlessly together and pertinent information is shared and considered across disciplines as required. Our main project system combines time tracking with progress scores for project areas or tasks, so we know exactly what stage a project is at.

Understanding your business

Our project managers have experience of many industry sectors but all organisations and businesses are different. We haven’t seen it all before but we might have seen something similar! Our team is trained to identify the unique features of our clients and this could be:

  • Unique selling points (USPs) of the products or services offered
  • The company vision and values
  • The added benefits their clients receive
  • Staff expertise and experience
  • The organisational structure and roles

During the planning phase of our projects, we use this information to determine structure, sections, pages and content for your website so that we use your USPs to facilitate the goals e.g. a visitor trusting your service or recognising the quality of your product.

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