Planning Your Website

Accomplishing your goals

The secret to designing a highly effective website is finding the perfect balance between how it looks and how it performs. Websites need to be both attractive to look at and clear in the information they provide for the visitor, to give the best possible user experience.

Realnet websites are planned, developed and refined with this in mind and with accomplishing yours aims, whether that be sales or enquiries, as the ultimate goal. The design is not just about how a site looks and feels, but how effectively it guides visitors to a clearly defined goal.

Delivering a successful website

Our client solutions are carefully planned to engage visitors within fractions of a second, and guide them clearly, quickly and comfortably through informative stages to a defined goal.

Homepage designs are visually appealing, on-brand and appropriate for the target audience while core information about the business assures visitors that they've found the right site.

Clear entry points into the site provide the visual cues visitors need to explore the site and achieve their goal (and yours). We ensure that each page retains visual appeal while offering concise, clear and informative points that answer questions visitors may have.

Visitors are always guided to a goal - submitting a contact form, sending an email or making a purchase.

Project Plan

As standard, Realnet creates a project plan with you, which is used in conjunction with a digital marketing plan, so that everyone is on board with the technical solution. Our project management service makes sure that our designers and developers follow the plan so that your website is delivered on time, on budget and with no surprises.

Where to start?

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