Pet Cremation Services Redesign Case Study

Realnet wanted to work with Pet Cremation Services to enhance both the SEO potential and visitor experience of the website without causing the client too much disruption from their day-to-day activity.


Following ongoing digital marketing and associated statistical reporting, the team at Realnet raised two key action points with the client:

  1. The majority of visitors to the website were female (approximately two-thirds)
  2. Potential customers were searching for pet cremations with animal type terms e.g. 'dog cremation'

Realnet wanted to work with the client to enhance both the SEO potential and website visitor experience without causing the client too much disruption from their day-to-day activity.


A Realnet account manager met with the client to review our findings and discuss pre-prepared solutions, including concepts for a less 'corporate' more 'welcoming' design. The design concepts were the result of collaboration between the digital marketing manager and our graphic designer.

Realnet also worked on a template for animal-specific pages that introduced pet owners to the cremation services available in terms of their own type of pet i.e. cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and small mammals. These pages introduced a mix of pet facts, guidance and appropriate service information. While these pages served to improve SEO in terms of animal keywords, they also provided valuable information (including FAQs) so that visitors were reassured that the client catered for their type of pet.

Once the design concepts and page template were approved, Realnet were able to make the changes and add relevant content to a test site. The client was able to view the design and help adapt the content and it was ready to be launched to the new website.


Visitor feedback to the new website has been positive and in the months since the updates, the number of page views for, and visitors to, the website has increased greatly. Visitors are more likely to visit multiple pages of the website - an encouraging sign that there is now more engagement

The five new pages for animal-specific information are ranking at positions 1, 2 or 3 in Google for the keywords targeted and have created a new avenue for visitors to the website.

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