Page Content Manager

Add/edit/remove standard website pages (and services)

Dashboard – CMS – Pages (or Services if you have pages split over two modules)

Pages listing

[ See Fig. 1]

+ Add New:
Create a new page

Sort: Adjust the order of the pages. This can be done for the top level pages, or within a section. When you click “Sort” a pop-up box will appear and you can drag and drop the pages into the order you desire.

Search for a page

Active: Click to make a page instantly inactive (hidden) on the website. Click again to make it active again.

Duplicate: Copy a whole page. This is often useful when creating several similar pages in a section. You then just edit the content and page titles.

Delete: Don't worry, you'll get a prompt to check you really want to delete the page first!

Edit  page details

[ See Fig. 2]

CMS – Pages / Services – Click the page you want to edit

Parent Page: This is useful if you have pages within sections. So if you About section has three other pages within it, their parent page is the About Page.

Name: What you want to call the page internally

Navigation Name: The name of your page in the navigation bars on your website

Page Name: Title that appears at the top of the page

Active: Whether your page is visible on your website or not

Show in Header: Whether your page is visible on the main top navigation of your website or not. Be careful with this option as adding too many items to your top navigation can stop other pages being shown. There is only limited space in the top navigation bar.

Show in Side Menu: Whether your page is visible in the side menu (usually down the left) or not. 

Want to have a secret page? You can have a secret page of your website by having it Visible, but not shown in the header or side menu. People could only reach these pages by using a URL you provide. E.g.

Friendly URL: You can change the URL of your page. E.g. The CMS will fill this in for you, so you don't usually need to use this option.

Edit a page content

[ See Fig. 3]

CMS – Pages / Services – Click the page you want to edit – Click the “Content” tab

Here you'll see most of the usual features of your desktop word application.


  1. Pre-formatted fonts and styles are set up under “Formats” to keep you site consistent and tidy looking
  2. If you're copying and pasting from Word, or another Office application, you must clear the formatting to stop your text looking a mess on the web. Please either
    1. Copy and paste into NOTEPAD, then copy and paste from NOTEPAD to LeanCMS
    2. Paste into LeanCMS, but then select the text and click the “Clear formatting” button.  [ See Fig. 4]

  3. When you have finished editing the text, remember to click the 'Save' box at the bottom of the screen.  If you do not click this, your edits will be discarded.

Edit a page image

[ See Fig. 5]

CMS – Pages / Services – Click the page you want to edit – Click the “Images” tab

Upload Images: Click this to upload an image to your page. The website will resize the image (scale it down) so you can upload an image up to 4mb in size. However, the website can't change the aspect ratio of your image because that will skew your image.

Primary: This is the main image, which is used if you have a page listing. For example, if you Services listing page has a thumbnail image for each of your services. To make another image your primary image, hover over it and click the Green Icon that appears on the left.

Delete an image: To remove an image, hover over it and click the red X on the top right

Images Info tab

From here you can give your first five images the following information:

Caption: A caption to appear under your image

Alt Tag: A description of your image. This is useful for search engines

Link URL: If you want your image to link elsewhere, just copy and page a URL in here

Link Title: A hidden title behind a link (if you use one), which is useful for search engines

Edit a page SEO

[ See Fig. 6]

CMS – Pages / Services – Click the page you want to edit – Click the “SEO” tab

If left blank, LeanCMS is designed to fill in the SEO bits automatically for you so you've always got something sensible for search engines.

However, you can improve the performance of your site by completing the Title and Description tags in particular.

SEO Meta Title: This is the text that appears at the top of your browser window and crucially as the link people click in google. It should contain the primary keyword for the page and usually your company name. Up to 65 characters only.

SEO Description Tag: This is usually the description shown on your search engine listings. This should be a sales pitch to encourage visitors to click your link. Up to 160 characters.

[ See Fig. 7]

Search engine optimisation services from Realnet

Realnet offer a series of Performance Packages to help monitor and progressively improve your website search engine performance. Please contact your account manager to find out more.


Fig.1 - List of pages
List of pages
enlarge image
Fig.2 - Add or edit page - details
Add or edit page - details
enlarge image
Fig.3 - Add or edit page - content
Add or edit page - content
enlarge image
Fig.4 - Clear formatting - highlighted
Clear formatting - highlighted
enlarge image
Fig.5 - Add or edit page - images
Add or edit page - images
enlarge image

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