Niche Products

Realnet knows all about niche products through a variety of clients that all have one thing in common – their products are specialist. We have years of experience helping clients to market and sell their niche products online. We have a proven track record of increasing not only website visitors but goal completions (enquiries, sales etc.).

Our experience and expertise that merges design and development skills with digital marketing know-how, means that we look at your requirements differently to other agencies. We do not pay lip service to crucial factors such as audience, keyword and competitor analysis. By knowing your audience behaviours and keywords, we target SEO effectively while ensuring that website content and user experience encompass potentially different visitor personas.

A limited audience?

Some of our clients in niche industries are surprised by the effectiveness of their new website in terms of generating new leads and customers when they thought they knew them all! Our experience shows that some potential customers do not respond well to direct marketing and prefer the more considered, information-focused approach that a well-structured, content-relevant website can provide.

Often, in this situation, there are a limited number of genuine competitors. Knowing them and staying ahead of them is what our digital marketing team do with a range of tools including keyword ranking comparisons and domain authority scoring factors.

We make it our business to understand your unique selling points (USPs) and ensuring your customers know them too.

Niche product, wide audience

Some of our clients have a very special product with limited competition but a wide potential audience. In this instance, getting your product to market quickly is crucial. Our design, development and project management services provide a proactive solution where we guide you as much as needed and deliver websites on time and on budget.

Our digital marketing and website production teams work in a coordinated manner to ensure that not only is your website ready on time but it is optimised for search engines such as Google from the very start.

Niche product digital marketing

Our client digital marketing solutions have included:

  • Social media account management and advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising to speed up sales
  • Keyword analysis to identify SEO-targeted content
  • Complete email campaign management to agreed schedule
  • Quick website content writing and page creation

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