News Manager

A news section can be an effective marketing tool for company/product/service announcements.

Regular, new, keyword rich news articles can also help your search engine optimisation.

The articles can be easily added/edit/removed by you or delegated to anyone with straight forward word processing skills and an internet connection.

What's included:

  • News article
  • Heading
    • Abstract – a short snippet of the news used on the listing page
    • Main content (including simple WYSIWYG interface)
    • Ability to activate or hide a news article (allowing you to prepare news in advance)
    • Title tag and description tag editing for search engine optimisation (but auto tags are created so you don't have to fill these in)
    • Upload unlimited images for each news article, which appear in a column down the side
      • Images are automatically resized for you so you don't need to edit them every time
      • Visitors can click an image to see an enlarged version
    • Upload unlimited attachments such as pdf which can appear as a link at the bottom of the article
  • News type
    • This allows you to specify different categories of news. For example you may have a section for Company News and one for Industry News. Or you may specify news for your different product families.
    • All news will appear on the main news page. Visitors will then be able to click on the categories on the side to view only news from that category.
  • Search engine optimisation options
  • Realnet will also copy and paste up to 10 news articles from your existing website if required. Please discuss with your account manager if you have a larger database of news that needs to be copied over.
  • An RSS feed of your news articles can be made available if desired. This is used by other sites or some people to aggregate news or inform them when you've added a new news article.


Demo video

News manager add or edit screenshot
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