A large number of our clients have a national offering in terms of their products and/or services. These cover all our core industry sectors of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Specialist Services
  • Niche Products
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

With product sales, location is not typically a major concern but with services, it is vital that the leads we generate from your website and digital marketing activities are genuine. Lots of time and effort (not to mention fuel) can be wasted if the leads you receive are not pre-qualified to some degree. This is where properly set up PPC campaigns and diligent content marketing come in. We understand the difference between visitors and prospects and ensure that the right messaging attracts the people you want.


Some of our service-providing clients have multiple regional offices or premises, and in these instances, Realnet has successfully combined the reassurance that a nationwide brand can provide with the convenience of a local presence. Many people will often search for terms that include a town or county so ensuring that your website ranks well for both general and localised search engine entries are crucial.

One of our clients has a website with a module that allows multiple ‘mini-sites’ that target regional locations allowing for very targeted keywords to be used. 

When distance doesn’t matter

We tailor our websites and digital marketing services for each client so what might be true for one, may not be for another. A case in point is the regional presence. Some of our clients, especially in the niche product market, are in no way constrained by where their clients are. In these cases, ensuring that your message is a national one is key. 

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