We have successfully increased visits, leads and sales throughout our client base through digital marketing and developed an array of manufacturing-specific options to give our clients an edge.

Realnet have years of experience helping clients in the manufacturing sector. The knowledge built up during this time not only influences the websites that we build and market but also gives us an understanding of the unique challenges faced in this industry. We work hand-in-glove with your existing, traditional marketing resources to give you a wider pool of leads and sales.

B2B is not business as normal

While slower to change than B2C markets, the B2B buying and selling landscape has changed and supplier or brand loyalty is not as strong as in the past. The Internet has given purchasers more options than ever before and while trade shows and historic relationships are still important, this needs to be backed up with a strong website that attracts new clients.

For many businesses the days of your website simply backing up other marketing efforts is no longer desirable as competitors, often smaller or newer, leverage websites that sell in their own right.

B2B lead generation

Many of our manufacturers sell products to other businesses, whether as end-users (installers, builders etc.) or distributors. We ensure that your website targets the right people such as business decision-makers. Our digital marketing team are involved in all aspects of your website, from design and build to ongoing marketing activity. Combining SEO techniques and content marketing, we make sure that your website is giving the right message.

B2C and B2B Sales

Some of our clients sell direct to the public (B2C) or both B2B and B2C. Our website solutions allow both sectors to be targeted simultaneously or the targeting of one specific audience. Our CMS (content management system) makes dealing with both markets easy.

Manufacturing Needs

Our client website solutions have included specialist facilities including:

  • Product catalogue features including separate B2B and B2C channels
  • Trade access for pricing including different customer price bands
  • Distributor locators/listings
  • Easy management of lead times for products
  • Integration with stock systems

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