Realnet work with clients that have an international scope and these organisations tend to have an established marketing resource of their own. We dovetail in with existing marketing departments to provide focused digital marketing expertise and coordinate this with other ‘traditional’ type marketing.

Our development team are also on hand to optimise the website for an international audience with features including:

  • Multi-language options
  • Customisable delivery charges based on countries and regions
  • Multi-currency online payment systems
  • Regional office or distributor locators
  • Integration with back-office systems such as SAP to seamlessly execute shipping and duty calculations

Many of our internationally focused clients use enterprise-level back-office systems such as SAP and Dynamics and our integration services have allowed us to ensure their global website seamlessly provides up-to-the-minute information such as stock levels or prices.


In the same way that we can give nationwide companies a localised influence with our content marketing, we can do the same for internationals. Allowing visitors to find regional offices or representatives is often crucial and as well as enabling this facility, Realnet capitalises on this with location-based keywords to enhance search engine rankings for locale-based searches.

International Clients

We are proud to have taken our website and digital marketing services overseas and have created brochure and e-commerce websites for international clients. Hosting, technical support and digital marketing services have also been managed across borders without difficulty.

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