Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics Reporting

As part of our ongoing digital marketing support each month, we’ll send you a customised analytics report for you to see quickly and easily a snapshot of your website’s performance.

The report is created specifically for your business and goals, whether it’s an increase in enquiries, sales or traffic to key pages on your website, you’ll be able to see clear figures with our easy-to-understand reports.

Each report shows a comparison against a previous period of your choice for a quick snapshot of progress over time. For example, you can choose to compare against the month before or the same month the year previous, whichever is best for your business.


Helping you make more informed decisions

One of Realnet's core goals is to deliver measurable results. From setting up weekly, monthly or quarterly website statistics reports, to bespoke product performance reports and goal analysis, Realnet can produce the online reporting you need for your business.

We also have the experience to analyse, understand and explain user trends, to bring value to the figures and empower your decision making.

In addition to business goals, the reports show other key statistics to help you understand your business. We will help you to understand and analyse the reports to make more informed decisions about your business and marketing strategy going forward.

Here are a few examples of the key stats included in our monthly reports:

How many users are visiting your website

An overview of your website’s traffic including the total number of users, how many times in total they visited your website, the total number of page views and the average bounce rate of people coming to your site and leaving without interacting with the page.

What devices your visitors are using?

The device(s) your visitors are using when visiting your website, for example, whether they use mobile, tablet or desktop, as well the percentage share of each device compared against a previous period.

How your website is being found?

The top channels your site visitors are using to get to your website, for example, did they find your site through a search engine such as Google, did they come from a form of paid advertising, or via one of the many social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

The report will also show any change for each channel such as an increase in traffic from social media or an improved bounce rate from users coming from organic search (e.g. Google).

Are your website pages effective and giving the right messages? 

Bounce rates are used to indicate if visitors have only opened one page on your site and then exited without carrying out any other actions. Depending on the structure of your website, for example, if you have more than a one-page site, this will help to determine if the page content and messages are right for your target audience.

What are your most popular pages?

The most popular pages your customers are landing on when they first come to your website and which pages they leave on, as well as average time spent on each page and bounce rate for each page.

Custom-made analytic reports


Following a meeting with your personal Digital Marketing expert and confirmation of your business goals, we will create a custom-made reporting structure that is most relevant to your business.  

Each month, we’ll send you your personal easy-to-understand report by email and plan any actions for the following months to provide the most value to your business.

We’ll set up regular face-to-face meetings to ensure you fully understand the data provided and to re-evaluate your digital marketing plan as your business moves forward.

Adding value and meaning to your data with Google Analytics support.

Contact us to see how Google Analytics can help your business

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Where to start?

If you're not sure where to start, Realnet's completely free website and digital marketing review will point you in the right direction. Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of a number of aspects of your website and marketing strategies and will provide you with a free report highlighting areas which are causing you to lose business and make suggestions for improvements that will have a measurable positive impact.


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