Gee Tee Case Study

Gee Tee Bulb Company is a family-owned business that has been supplying a wide range of flower bulbs since 1961. With more than half a century of trading behind them, Gee Tee has become the supplier of choice for professionals and amateur gardeners.


Gee Tee's website was on an old, out of date platform which needed replacing so it could be maintained and improved going forward. Gee Tee was also switching from SAP to Sage 200 for their ERP/Order Processing system, so needed a new integration to help them process orders more efficiently.


A WooCommerce website, which is kept up to date and gives more flexibility in improving the website going forward.

Realnet has also provided a WooCommerce to Sage200 integration so that orders can be processed easily.

Realnet also needed to transfer all their existing product and customer information from the old, Umbraco website, to the new WooCommerce website. There were hundreds of products and images, so it would have been hugely time consuming to do othewise.


The new website was launched in time for their new season and we continue to run ongoing digital marketing services. Sales have started coming in and existing customers are happy with the new website. 

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