Forefront RF Case Study

Forefront RF is a technology company specialising in bespoke self-interference cancellation technologies.

Wordpress website design for Forefront RF, Cambridge

Forefront RF is a technology company specialising in bespoke self-interference cancellation technologies to significantly improve mobile phone signal strength, and also has applications for other wearables and IoT devices.

Forefront, as a launch company, needed a digital presence to help support the brand’s insertion into market, give potential customers an introduction to their technology and products, and most significantly to help attract investment through a more professional web presence.


Forefront approached Realnet with a number of challenges including:

  • New company with no comprehensive digital presence or brand awareness
  • No effective way to market themselves online
  • Had only launched a simple, home-built landing page
  • Needed a quick turnaround on a solution in order to build brand awareness and attract investment as fast as possible


Realnet worked with the Forefront team to understand exactly what they were looking to achieve, as well to understand the technology, unique selling points, goals of the website and what Forefront needed the website to do for them.

Our solutions included:

  • Realnet quickly launched a professional holding page to replace the home-built landing page
  • We then quickly developed a new WordPress website that can easily grow with the business
  • This new website includes designs that mirror the brand guidelines, quickly and simply explains what Forefront RF does and the USPs of their technology, has detailed product and technology pages that are easily found through a neat navigation, and encourages visitors to get in contact to find out more.
  • We also created SEO-strong copy to ensure the website achieves good search engine optimisation from launch.


The new website gives Forefront the professional digital presence they need to reflect the technology and professionalism of the business, and help them market themselves to attract new business and new investors.

Traffic to the website continues to grow, and there has been an increase in the number of enquiries via the website.

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