Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing in broad terms is the act of sending emails to your target audience, whether it is your existing customers or potential customers. Not all email marketing is promotional, other forms of email marketing, for example, might be sending regular newsletters or sharing general updates.

Here are some key types and ideas for email marketing:

  • General news and updates
  • Regular blog newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • Welcome emails
  • Customer success stories
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Sales follow-up emails


Is email marketing integrated into your marketing strategy?

Email marketing is a great way to achieve your business goals, for example sending promotional emails to boost sales or regular newsletter emails to maintain user retention etc.

There are several factors that collectively contribute to a successful email marketing campaign:

Emails that look great on mobile, tablet and desktop

We know that a good email looks great on any device that your customer might be using including desktop, mobile and tablet. As part of our email marketing campaigns, we’ll ensure all your emails look great on all devices.

Getting the message right

Getting the right message across to your readers that’s clear, professional and uses a tone of voice that matches your company’s identity can be difficult. 

Our digital marketing experts will ensure each of your email campaigns does exactly that to achieve the best results.

Sending emails at the right moment

The timing of your emails can have a big impact on the outcome of your email campaign and is something that needs to be planned in advance. This includes considering all of the following:

  • What time of day are your readers most active and more likely to engage with your email
  • What day of the week or month should your emails be sent to your subscribers
  • The time between each email campaign being sent to the same subscribers
  • How many follow up emails should be sent
  • Aligning your email campaigns with your broader marketing strategy

Email marketing that meets GDPR standards

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years and has affected how the world approaches email marketing. 

At Realnet, we’ll help guide you on best practices when it comes to Anti-Spam and Data Protection laws including GDPR.

Read more about how to be GDPR compliant

Let us help you create successful email marketing campaigns:

Sending relevant content to your potential and existing customers is key to a successful email campaign. At Realnet, our digital marketing specialists will work with you to understand your prospects and customers to help you deliver highly targeted email messages that get opened and convert into enquires and sales.

Our email campaigns offer:

  • Personalised emails that reflect your brand identity
  • Creative graphics by our in-house designer
  • Mobile-friendly design to ensure they look and function on mobile and tablet
  • Split testing to achieve optimum results
  • Regular reports for you to see a clear overview of campaign performance

Get started with an email marketing campaign today 

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Where to start?

If you're not sure where to start, Realnet's completely free website and digital marketing review will point you in the right direction. Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of a number of aspects of your website and marketing strategies and will provide you with a free report highlighting areas which are causing you to lose business and make suggestions for improvements that will have a measurable positive impact.


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