ELE International Case Study

ELE International are head-quartered in the UK, with a USA division. They specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality construction materials, testing equipment and environmental instrumentation.


ELE International specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation. They are part of the Danaher Corporation and have offices spanning the globe. Head-quartered in the UK, with a USA division, they offer a wide range of products and services to meet the varying regulatory and standards requirements of markets worldwide.


ELE required a website that would allow them to catalogue and present their products in a way that would not only make search and discovery easy for site users but would enable them to bring together and manage listings in a central database. Therefore, the key requirement and starting point was to develop a coherent and centralised Product Information Management (PIM) system that could cope with a large and scalable list of complex products. Due to the international nature of their business, the PIM would also need to support multi-language options.


The combined database amounted to several thousand products, each with the potential to have numerous attributes and associations that required careful mapping and automation with the user-facing site. To deal efficiently with the product range complexities, Realnet developed a platform that allows for unlimited nesting of product groups and categories with the ability to assign aliases to groups of products so the site could cross-populate information.

To enable easy management of the PIM records a clean and simple admin interface was developed. This details the full page hierarchy and allows site admins to easily amend individual product details, make bulk uploads and change product relationships. The platform allows for tabbed editing boxes for this to be done seamlessly in unlimited languages.


ELE now have a comprehensive and usable sales tool that can support customers and their own sales team alike in specifying the correct equipment for their testing situation. The platform is designed to be scalable and adaptable, so it can grow with the product range and communicate with internal systems. Furthermore, the inherent usability of the admin interface means that the site has achieved the aim of being their primary database of product information; by ensuring that maintaining and updating product records is a quick, simple process, and by automating with the front end of the site this means that any changes are now immediately visible across the entire business.

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"A big thank you to you and the team! Excellent work at very short notice!  Thank you again!"

- Tim Gardinier, ELE.


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