E-commerce Package

E-commerce sites must be very easy to use for the visitor. A carefully crafted journey will encourage the visitor to complete their purchase with the minimum of effort and distraction.

The e-commerce package provides an easy to navigate e-commerce experience for your customers. For you, it also provides a very straight-forward management system, so you can easily process orders.

Realnet have developed a well-researched checkout process which includes the design and functionality of the checkout pages for you, so you can be sure your website visitors won't have an obstruction preventing them from making a purchase.

Online payments

Realnet recommends using the SagePay online payments system and the integration is included within this proposal. By integrating with SagePay your website can accept online payments without going through complex security tests (PCI Compliance) which the banks require if you take and store credit card details yourself or on the website.

SagePay also allows for integration with PayPal at no extra cost (except the PayPal payment processing fees).

For this method of taking online payments, SagePay currently charge £19.90 per month for up to 350 transactions per month. You'll also need to obtain an Internet Merchant Account with your bank, which will carry further charges. 

Integration with other payment providers, including Worldpay, Paypal, RealEx and others are all possible. Please discuss with your account manager if you'd like a quote for these other options.

What's included in e-commerce package:

  • Basket system
  • Checkout
  • Shipping module
    • You can set the following shipping variables:
      • Value of order (e.g. over £35)
      • Country or region
      • Shipping price
      • You can set shipping by the price total of the order
    • These allow you to have shipping rates such as £5 for orders under £100, free for orders over £100. You can also specify different shipping rates for different countries.
    • You can change the shipping price levels in the CMS
    • OR you can have a simple shipping by weight of the total order, if you add weights assigned to each product
  • Integration with SagePay payment provider
  • Order management
    • View order details
    • Mark orders as processed, shipped or cancelled
    • Automatically email clients when an order status is changed
    • View failed orders so you can follow up with the potential customer
    • You can print standard delivery notes, order notes, invoices, dispatch notes and picking lists. These can also be customised to fit your templates – please speak to your account manager if you require this additional service.
  • Special offers
    • You can add a special offer price to individual products
    • This then displays the original and special offer price automatically
    • All special offer products are also then automatically included in a Special Offer category on the website
  • Discount manager
    • As well as special prices on individual products, you can also have discounts on whole orders
    • Discounts can be a percentage of the whole order, or a monetary value off the whole order
    • You can set a minimum order value, so the customer has to have a certain value of products before the discount applies
    • You can set a start and end date for a discount, so you can set them up in advance
    • A discount can be automatically applied or can be set that the client needs to add a discount code during the checkout
  • Login system for customers
    • Customers can still order without logging in – Express/Guest checkout. Google shows this option can boost your order levels by over 25%
    • For visitors who do want to sign up, they benefit from saving their delivery details and also viewing their orders
    • Edit their personal details, password, email address, shipping and billing postal addresses
    • Admin user manager, so you can view user information and edit email addresses (so visitors can reset their password if required)
  • Reports suite
    • LeanCMS e-commerce package includes a range of useful reports you can generate online and export as CSV or XML as required.These include:
      • Sales reports
        • Top selling products by quantity and value
        • Country
        • Payment method
        • Shipping method
        • Discount codes
      • Order reports
        • By date range
        • By amount
        • By order status
      • Customer reports
        • Orders by customer by order status
  • You will also receive an SSL certificate to secure the data sent between your web server and your customers



Some examples of product pages where you can purchase and then then buy online direct...




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