EasyPQQ Case Study

EasyPQQ is a bid submission software, helping users to create new tenders and documents quickly and easily. Realnet worked with the client to identify key areas of interest to potential decision-makers.


EasyPQQ is a bid submission software. It helps users to create new tenders and documents quickly and easily.


The previous website had a lot of useful, informative information, however, this was not presented to visitors in a clear, consistent manner. The client has a fantastic software solution backed up by high-quality services and giving the 'Software as a Service' message was important.

The take-up of the EasyPQQ software and services within a number of sectors showed that once a particular industry understood how useful and customisable the software was, further sales to the sector escalated.


Realnet worked with the client to identify key areas of interest to potential decision-makers. Clear navigation to, and information for the following, areas was established; Features, Benefits, Sectors and Services. Each of these areas could then be backed up by client case studies, testimonials and review ratings.

The entire website content was reviewed and edited/added to in order to clearly highlight the offer and to maximise search engine optimisation (SEO). Also, a number of calls to action were implemented that were not 'in your face' but were prominent enough to encourage communication.


The website has generated a steady number of enquiries and software demonstration bookings. The number of site visitors has increased month on month in comparison to the previous years figures, in some cases by over 50% for organic (search engine) traffic.

Regular review meetings with the digital marketing team ensure that dynamic content such as news, case studies and testimonials are consistently updated and added to.

Read their testimonial 

"Propeller Studios selected Realnet from a short list of potential web providers. We quickly realised our choice had been a good one. Chris Mellor is a dedicated and interested consultant who quickly got to grips with a product that wasn't necessarily something he knew inside out.

Over a series of planning meetings, our requirements were translated into a strong and clear project with a timeline that was adhered to. The end result has been as required: a modestly modernised contemporary website that provides informative and clear information on our product and services. The digital marketing campaign has been equally successful.

Kim Burnham has been an excellent point of contact and our monthly meeting keeps me informed of amendments, adaptations or improvements to the website. Valuable statistical data is provided to inform and drive changes. Kim is constantly looking for improvements and pushes me to provide additional information to keep the website news-worthy and up to date.

Overall, I am delighted with the services provided. Congratulations to Chris, Kim and the entire Realnet team for never dropping a ball. They come with my strongest recommendation."

- EasyPQQ, Propeller Studios


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