We have consistently increased web sales for our distributor-sector clients through digital marketing and this includes growing sales for one client by 100% over 12 months from approx. £1million to over £2million. We have used our experience to develop an array of custom solutions for the distribution industry to make our clients more competitive.

Realnet have years of experience helping clients in the distribution sector. The knowledge built up during this time not only influences the websites that we build and market but also gives us an understanding of the unique challenges faced in this industry. In some cases, we work smoothly with existing marketing teams, and in other, we are the principle marketing resource. 

Exclusive and general distribution

We understand the different positives and negatives of being either an exclusive or a general distributor and the factors of competition, expectation and product line changes to be considered. Our digital marketing team is always on hand to ensure that your product offer gets noticed with a variety of tools including PPC, social media and email marketing.

We continuously look out for trending products (and services) so that SEO and content can be targeted quickly and easily to encourage new customers.

B2B or B2C or both?

Our experience ranges across both B2B product sales and also B2C and in some cases, our clients supply to both. Our catalogue and e-commerce systems accommodate all types of client and can provide a tailored experience to each type within the one website.

Either way, our solutions enable product sales online or on account with order management and accompanying documents such as invoices, dispatch notes, picking lists and more.

B2C and B2B sales

Some of our clients sell direct to the public (B2C) or both B2B and B2C. Our website solutions allow both sectors to be targeted simultaneously or the targeting of one specific audience. Our CMS (content management system) makes dealing with both markets easy.

Our integration services mean that we can link your website to stock or account management systems including Sage, SAP, Dynamics (Navision) or any system with an available API.

Distributor needs

Our client website solutions have included specialist facilities including:

  • Product catalogue features including separate B2B and B2C channels
  • Advanced customer features for creating their own quotes
  • Automated, targeted product emailers
  • Trade access for pricing including different customer price bands
  • Unprocessed order notifications for call-backs

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