Custom Monthly Reports

Building success through partnership

At Realnet, we believe in partnering with our clients to build long-term success through constant evaluation, improvement and goal setting.

To achieve the best results we like to build trust, work collaboratively and earn mutual respect by assigning you a dedicated account manager to really understand your business, help you plan your goals and achieve your ambitions.

Regular communication is a key aspect of this relationship, and our detailed monthly report on performance, activity and plans for revision and improvement is a major component of this process.

Our monthly reports include:

  1. A snapshot of website analytics and data showing comparative performance and other key indicators
  2. A review of performance against campaign goals
  3. Detailed search rankings
  4. Expert analysis of these stats and what we are doing to continue to improve them
  5. A summary of activity and impact such as content or page updates, social media activity, keyword improvements and plans for forthcoming website updates we’re doing to help improve your online customer experience

You’ll also be invited to meet with us regularly either at your or our offices or via a net-meeting so that we can discuss any queries you may have, or suggestions you’d like us to implement.

We look forward to partnering with you to build your digital platforms and marketing strategies together.

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