Create User Experience (UX)

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience is the term used to describe how a user interacts with each of your digital properties, from your website or App to your social media channels.

These interactions include every aspect of your online platform, from the colours and sounds you use on your site that represent your brand to the flow from one page or action to the next as you guide your user through the steps they want to take towards a desired end-goal.

UX is one of the most important aspects to consider as you plan your online strategy, as the better your overall experience the more likely you are to keep users on your platform, and to convert new and returning users from visitors to customers.

Planning and implementing good UX includes:

  • Analysing your target audience closely to understand their buying habits and preferences
  • Presenting information on your website and other platforms as clearly as possible
  • Making sure your navigation is clear and well-structured
  • Using visual cues such as buttons that are clearly visible and allow users to navigate easily from one page or section to another
  • Using clever animation, for example greying out certain functionality until a user completes required actions, to help guide users through a desired process
  • Using images and content that tell your brand story clearly
  • Refining aspects of your website user flow in a way that attracts new visitors, but also remains familiar enough to existing customers to keep them loyal to your brand

How good UX can help grow your business

Realnet’s team of digital experts work with you to really understand your target audience so that we can help you create the best possible online experience for new and returning visitors.

Using behavioural data, website analytics and our experience building effective solutions for our clients, our digital experts work with our design team to develop a UX strategy that, once implemented, drives as many goal conversions as possible.

We will also continue to monitor performance to ensure that newly implemented strategies remain effective in creating the best customer experiences seamlessly across all your digital channels.

Find out more

Let our digital marketing team conduct a free, no obligation analysis of your current digital platforms. 

Our comprehensive analysis focuses on numerous aspects of user experience, and we will provide you with a free report highlighting areas that can be improved to have a measurable positive impact.

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