Brochure Websites

What is a brochure website?

A brochure website is an informative site that acts similarly to your printed brochure. The goal is to showcase your products or services to inform your customers and potential clients of your company and encourage them to place an enquiry. They are also known as lead generation websites.

A powerful tool to help you generate leads

Having a responsive, well-optimised website is essential for your business to remain competitive and generate new business enquiries.

Realnet specialises in managing intelligent, mobile-responsive websites with high-quality SEO and digital marketing that focuses on attracting the right visitors and showcasing your services in a way that encourages interaction and enquiries.

An in-house team of experts

Our experienced in-house team works together to ensure that your brochure website design complements your brand, speaks to your target audience, encourages engagement and supports your business goals.

We can help optimise your brochure website with

  • A website lead generation strategy
  • An SEO strategy to match the demand for your product or service with the people who are searching for it including a full site audit and keyword plan
  • Google Analytics reporting to analyse how your customers use your website
  • Content marketing creation and support

Where to start?

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