Black Cat Acoustics Case Study

Founded in 1982, Black Cat Acoustics is a trusted professional noise control company with an experienced and friendly team offering a complete range of acoustic products. They design, supply and install high performance acoustic equipment.


Black Cat Acoustics have been a long term client of Realnet for a Google Ads and SEO campaign.

Their existing web developer had retired. Their site was built on the ModX platform, which is more unusual.

When Black Cat Acoustics were told their website hosting was going to be turned off in a matter of weeks (with two of those weeks being the Christmas period) Realnet were approached for a solution.

The Solution

Realnet proposed quickly rebuilding the website in WordPress, so it's easier to maintain and search engine optimise in future.

Black Cat Acoustics were happy with the design and content of the website and given the time constraints there would be little time for any wholesale changes.

Therefore, Realnet created a new WordPress installation, copying over the design and content to the new website. We made some small layout and structural website improvements during the build.

The Result

The new website was launched on time, along with all the individual page redirects to preserve all of their search engine optimisation.

Realnet can now further optimise and improve the website to help it generate more enquiries and sales for Black Cat Acoustics in future.

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