Advanced Air Case Study

For more than 35 years Advanced Air has been manufacturing energy efficient air management systems, fire and smoke protection systems and providing service and maintenance support.


For more than 35 years Advanced Air has been manufacturing energy efficient air management systems, fire and smoke protection systems and providing service and maintenance support. As part of Nailor Industries, their air distribution systems are used worldwide in many high profile facilities and buildings, such as Canary Wharf.


Advanced Air has worked with Realnet for a number of years, with their website going through a number of iterations. The latest evolution in their online presence saw us developing a new responsive website alongside a full company rebranding exercise.


The primary requirement for this latest update meant transforming the website from a catalogue into an innovative business tool. The team at Advanced Air had been developing marketing materials and media for several new products that they were bringing to market. However, ownership of these resources was spread through different departments within the company, from technical to marketing. There was a lot of collateral sitting idle that could be useful both for customers and internally.

The website offered the most obvious tool for disseminating these resources, and our LeanCMS media module a practical method to achieve this.

The media module allows Advanced Air to upload different media types, be that videos, downloads, case studies and more, to a central area.  A comprehensive tag and filter system means that these items can be allocated a subject or subjects. This then groups related items in the database so, for example, a fire test video, brochure, and case study, can be grouped with the relevant product in the catalogue section of the site.

There are two main benefits to this system. For the viewer, by associating tags to different pages and articles, users will be able to, and more likely to, navigate easily and intuitively to other areas of the site, thereby increasing their engagement. They do not need to search around the site for further information on a particular item they are reading about.  As related items are tagged to the page, they can navigate quickly to further information that is relevant to what they are currently looking at, thus creating a personalised journey through the site.

This means that when they do decide to get in touch, they will be in a much more informed position, and thus much closer to making a purchasing decision. Also, by cross-feeding information through alternative types of content, rather than just product or service pages, will help to pique interest in other areas of the business, increasing the likelihood of up and cross-sales. The tagging system works bi-laterally, meaning that it is just as easy to navigate from a product page to a related case study, as it is to navigate from a case study to a featured product.

Likewise, for internal/sales team users, the tags and filter system allows them to find resources quickly and intuitively, rather than having to remember which image or video etc is on which particular page.  They simply open the website to the media section, type in what they are looking for, and all related resources are listed. They can then filter by specific type of resource.

Secondly, it has also made for extremely easy management of both the website and resources - content can be quickly and easily uploaded to one place on the site, tag or tags chosen, and the uploaded resource will then automatically be linked from all areas of the site that are relevant.


The new look website went live and immediately began to register improved performance. A huge drop in bounce rate of 21.5% allied with a similar increase in page views gives clear indication that the new website design and structure are encouraging viewers to explore. However, the statistic that really makes the difference is an increase in goal conversions of 15% by month three - going to show the new website's ability to drive market-share to Advanced Air.

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