Acoustic Cabins Case Study

Based in the United Kingdom, Black Cat Music & Acoustics is an established and trusted professional noise control company with an experienced and friendly team offering a complete range of acoustic products.

Distribution Responsive Website


Black Cat Music have run the AcoustiCabins website for a number of years with a local web designer. When he retired, they were left with the difficulty of finding someone else to host and manage their website. They liked the website but it was built on an unusual platform - MODX.


Realnet have worked with Black Cat Music for a number of years on their Google Ads campaign, so we offered to rebuild the website in WordPress, so it would be easy to host and manage in future. It would also mean we could make additional improvements to the search engine optimisation of the website without third parties being involved.


The replacement website was launched within four weeks and is now hosted on a reliable, backed up and secure WordPress installation. As a bonus, search engine organic traffic is up over 100% compared to the previous year as a result of the search engine optimisation improvements Realnet has been able to make.

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