URLs and common sense

Friday, 6th October 2017

Applying a sanity check to URL lengths is plain old good SEO practice.

There are so many factors that make up good SEO practice, that sometimes we end up actually ignoring one of the most simple things…the URL.

As online users, our preference is clarity that resonates with how we speak and read in normal circumstances – book titles and URL titles actually have quite a lot in common in the sense of how we view and process them… shorter, clearer and sensible is, well, clear…and makes sense!

And with the way that Google is going, with its more intuitive search capabilities and preference for natural language keywords/phrases, it’s clear that that green link that appears in a search result is pretty important to us all…so get it right.

That may take some thinking about – much like writing a punchy Tweet, limiting your URL to as short and sensible a collection of words, hyphens where necessary and relevant keywords is a challenge. 

Try a number of options, but at all times apply the ultimate sanity check: if it makes ‘sense to you as a human’, it’s a good option.

It may take a few tries but the effort is worth it, both from the end user pespective, and Google’s.

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