Trick Or Treat? Digital Marketing Can Be Scary!

Wednesday, 31st October 2018

Beware the following Digital Marketing pitfalls this Halloween!

For online business owners, there is an awful amount of information out there about how best to get noticed, get clients, get better returns, get better everything!

Sifting through it all can be scary…there are lurking monsters of expectation that – when failure ensues – can demotivate the most tenacious of online entrepreneur!

Beware of the following...

Wanting quick wins vs playing the long game

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of strategies and implementations.

  • Your content strategy should break down user journeys into bite-sized bits, and drip fed rather than hammered out all in one go. That way, buyers will feel able to cope with the information coming their way rather than feeling overwhelmed and opting out
  • Be SMART (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely). Useful insights and free information that helps buyers/clients achieve their goals will do wonders for your reputation.
  • Be goal-focussed on behalf of your clients – know what they really want to achieve, and give them the chance to do so
  • Be multi-channel – use the right social media platforms that suit your business, and speak to your buyers in a language that’s resonates with them (images count too, for example on Instagram)
  • As a pointer:

- Facebook: keep it casual, short, fun, and informative.

- Instagram: post something visually alluring and loaded with strategic hashtags.

- Twitter: be spontaneous and conversational.

- LinkedIn: use professional prose and focus on advice or how-to content 

Content planning is key

  • Be aware of the right language, relevant touchpoints and engaging topics when you’re planning what to say
  • Don’t speak about yourself all the time too! Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your buyers, and check in on what they’re up to so that you’re able to be responsive

Finding the balance between toeing the line and challenging the status quo

  • There will be a range of opinions on many subjects out there – how you find your voice, and ask and answer questions to establish your credibility is absolutely vital. Beware of jumping on bandwagons, or being so radical that you’re just way out there with no limb to stand on…

So, don’t leave your content strategy this Halloween to trick, rather be the treat to your buyers and clients! 

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