Tech Giants to spend billions on Cyber Security

22nd Sep 2021

Various recent cyber attacks have sparked a commitment from tech giants Google, Apple and Microsoft amongst others to significantly invest in cyber security updates and upgrades.

A summit held last week in Washington, D.C. at the White House, attended by President Joe Biden, follows several high-profile cyber attacks including on government software contractor SolarWinds and oil pipeline company Colonial Pipeline.

The attacks brought the need for a review and renewed commitments for improved security into sharp focus – business leaders across sectors including tech and insurance to software development and e-commerce have committed billions of dollars towards various initiatives including:

  • Exploring, developing and implementing new standards
  • Supplying a broader range of security tools to a wider base of businesses
  • Providing skills training to fill approximately 500 000 unfilled U.S-based cybersecurity jobs

Biden has also signed an executive order requiring US agencies to use two-factor authentication for logins, a primary step in cyber safety.

Key security commitments from the major players are as follows:


  • develop a program devoted to making security improvements across their technology supply chains, including working with suppliers to adopt multifactor authentication and security training.


  • $10-million investment over five years to strengthen cybersecurity
  • a pledge to train 100 000 Americans in technical fields such as IT support and data analytics through its Career Certificate program.


  • $20 billion over five years to deliver more advanced security tools
  • invest $150 million to help government agencies upgrade their security systems and expand cybersecurity training partnerships.


  • train more than 150,000 people in cybersecurity skills in three years
  • partnering with historically Black colleges and universities to help diversify the workforce

Amazon Web Services

  • will give account holders free multifactor authentication devices to better secure their data.
  • will offer “Security Awareness training” to organizations and individuals.

For general internet and online business tool users, as well as owners of e-commerce sites the developments are positive, signalling a move towards a far more robust digital environment for all.

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