TBT's new website the perfect fit

Wednesday, 12th April 2017

Realnet is proud to announce the launch of the new website for TBT Services

Realnet has launched yet another new site for a brand new client, TBT Services.

TBT, a specialist provider of branded professional uniforms, commercial laundry services and rental and sales of uniforms, approached Realnet to build a solution that focussed on TBT’s unique selling points – quality, comfort and style, personalisation, local service and environmental awareness.

The solution Realnet developed offers a showcase of TBT’s products not only to encourage enquiries, but to bring the personalised service elements and quality to the front of the site.

A case study module and messaging that reinforces the company’s ethical approach to disposal of old garments, packaging and boxes helps build trust, while enquiry forms on inner product pages enable visitors to make enquiries with ease.

Finally, the website is easy to maintain, allowing daily updates of the key home page elements to keep the site looking fresh.


TBT Services project case study