We have written a lot about the importance of video in your business’ marketing campaigns – be that around raising brand awareness or convincing shoppers to purchase your product rather than that of your competitors.

New data from Twitter has once again reiterated that point, and revealed how the social network can play a massive role in getting your business ‘on the map’.

Twitter doesn’t seem the most obvious place to advertise – the constant stream of news often feels overwhelming and difficult to isolate.

But a study by Nielsen shows that adding video to Tweets drives positive shifts in key brand metrics for advertisers: people who saw in-stream videos were 70% more likely to recall the brand’s ad, 28% more likely to be aware of the advertiser’s brand, and had a 6% higher purchase intent.

And creating these videos need not be a costly exercise … a video shot or GIF created on your phone can be as effective as something created by a big production house.

Screen recording features comes standard with most phones these days. It allows you to record the video on your screen while providing commentary to go with it. It’s perfect for producing ‘how to’ videos, one of the most popular around.

Twitter also say an original, branded GIF outperforms overused ones, while tweets with GIFs generate 55% more engagement than ones without. So take the time to play around on your phone’s Photo app and create your own – the power is at your fingertips, and it’s much, much easier than you think.

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