Social media is a great way to build an audience, develop digital relationships with potential and existing customers, showcase your brand and be innovative with your marketing.

But things do change fairly often, and whilst it’s important to stay on top of the ‘big picture’ aspects of your social media strategy, there are a few smaller, day-to-day things that need to be reviewed regularly to ensure you’re giving the best portrayal of your business on your various social media channels.

And one of the elements that changes regularly but is often overlooked is images – from sizes and formats to layouts and enhancements, social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and others are constantly tinkering, and if you’re not checking up, you may end up with pixelation, aspect ratio issues or blank image issues.

To help guide you on current image sizes and dimensions, have a look at this really useful infographic guide from Hootsuite, giving key data for every major platform.

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