Photo sharing giant Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has revealed a new feature for expanding engagement – the ‘recommended for you’ feed update.

The feature, which shows you photos in your feed taken by people you’re not following, is designed to help you expand your network of connections and engage more broadly with content that should – theoretically – be of interest to you.

It’s not a random assortment of photos bombarding your carefully-curated feed, have no fear! The selections are made using algorithms to assess which accounts you follow and which posts are liked on those accounts (even if you haven’t liked the posts).

And the recommended posts are clearly marked, with the option to hide them if you prefer to keep your personal curation just the way you like it. 

That said, it will only remove the posts you hide, but will keep recommending new posts, so if you really don’t like it, it may be time to change social network!

What’s the upside for you?

There are advantages to the new system – finding new content was more an exploration game in the previous version. Now, the algorithmic wizards are surfacing content that should at least be in the ball-park of your interest, thus cutting down on your time-wasting sifting process.

Instagram hope that the new feature will encourage broader engagement and connection growth, particularly on its App. This will in turn give the Facebook-owned company more powerful user stats upon which to drive ad sales.

A final piece of good news on the Insta front – you can also now choose to follow particular hashtags. This long overdue feature is a great way to stay in the loop with campaigns, events, people and more…

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