On September 1, Facebook’s campaign budget optimization (CBO) became mandatory for anyone using Ads Manager.

Who should you take notice of this? Because it will affect the way in which your spend is allocated across your different ad sets.

For those unaware of CBO, it is described as “a way of optimizing the distribution of a campaign budget across your campaign’s ad sets. Facebook automatically and continuously finds the best available opportunities for results across your ad sets and distributes your campaign budget in real time to get those results.”

The feature has actually been around since 2017, but because it’s always been optional and reasonably complex to get your head around, it has largely been ignored by most advertisers.

But that all changed on Sunday, so it’s worth your while taking some time out to better understand CBO.

So what exactly does it all entail?

Facebook will move your budget to the campaign level, allowing you to set one central campaign budget for all of your ad sets. They will then allocate a higher percentage of the budget to the ad sets that are performing best so you spend in the most effective manner possible.

You will still be able to control the spend limit though. Facebook explains: “If you set a minimum spend limit, Facebook will aim to spend that amount. If you set a maximum spend limit, Facebook will not exceed that amount.”

For those advertisers who use an API tool like AdRules, the mandatory CBO feature will only kick in in September 2020.

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