Facebooks all new Like reactions.

3rd Mar 2016

Life has just got more interesting for Facebook users with the new ‘Like’ reactions.

The social networking giant has recently launched emoji-style Reactions, which will allow you to express your feelings in more depth.

Reactions – which were being tested in Spain, Ireland and a few other places – are now available everywhere.

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive said, “The idea is to add a little bit of complexity to something that is very simple, if you share a sad piece of content or something that makes you angry, people did not have the right tool to react to it.”

Well now they do! Facebook users are being given new tools in the form of emoticons labelled “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry” – however they can still just “like”.

For over a billion daily Facebook users there may now be a period of adjustment, do I just like that picture of your dog or do I love it? Should I go as far as telling you I’m “angry” about your views on the issues of the day – or is “haha” enough?

If the new system accurately reflects human emotions then it will be very interesting for advertisers. They will now have a far more complex set of data. The latest results show just how much they have bought into the social network’s message that it offers a unique way to connect with consumers and learn everything about them.

Emotions travel five times faster than rational thought, so the ability to build better emotional connections with consumers is something that advertisers really prize.

Why not just have with a Like and dislike button?

The Idea behind the new options is for people to empathise more effectively empathise with their friends on Facebook, and use on a post, when the ‘Like’ button doesn’t seem appropriate such as a poorly family member or a funny joke. The concern with just having just a ‘Dislike’ button however is that people would misuse this mechanism by using it to ‘down vote’ other peoples posts. With many new options now available Facebookers are free to truly express themselves.


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