A news area is used to provide information and detail, where as a blog can deliver opinion.

A blog allows you to project the personality of your company or organisation, in a way that news articles do not.

Let’s say that a new piece of legislation comes into existence to control the banks. To report this is news, but a blog can be used to explain why it is relevant to your customers. It can show how you would deal with the change and what your approach is.

Realnet have recently made live a new website for www.benchmarktreasurypricing.com. They work in the space of finance that many of us can find difficult to understand. Benchmark use their blog to show their point of view on subjects like the mis-selling of hedge funds.

Blogs are a great way to drive traffic towards your site as we at Realnet develop websites to auto-tweet and post to Facebook blog entries to expose the blog to the wider group of your followers. This then invites potential customers to your site where you showcase your capabilities.

A correctly worded and correctly timed blog can drive traffic to your site in droves. Use it to provide clarity on hot topics and you can be surprised who finds you.

A blog provides fresh content. Fresh content is important because search engines deem this important, this will help to improve your search rankings.

Invite others to blog on your site: Many companies provide services that are one piece of a bigger picture, working with companies in related industries. For example a baker makes bread, but he may have a local supplier of flour that he has used for decades and use an oven that has been serviced by a trusted company. Using industry related guest bloggers are a good way to get their followers to find you.

Thinking of adding a blog to your website? Speak to Realnet.

Good luck blogging and if you you need advice on finance, why not checkout www.benchmarktreasurypricing.com