Short Form Video an essential as Google considers new Search functionality

16th Mar 2022

Short form video for SEO

For years now it’s been common knowledge that video needs to form part of any business’s marketing strategy, whether in the usual marketing channels such as Google or social media, or on the company website as part of a content marketing strategy.

There has been some debate around what length videos should be, with most favouring something between 3-5 mins for longer format, and between 30 seconds and 2 minutes for short from video.

But the main principle here is that regardless of length, you need to have video as a central part of your strategy – if you haven’t done so yet, make it a priority.

What type of video should you consider making?

The idea with short form video is to create little bite-sized pieces of information that highlight positive aspects of your business, whether that is:

  • Highlighting your approach to your business sector
  • Making the most of your company’s Unique Selling Points
  • Explaining more about your products or services
  • How-to videos
  • Introducing team members
  • Showing projects you’ve worked on and delivered

What impact does video have on your marketing and SEO?

  • Video marketing delivers:
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved social reach
  • Improved SEO
  • Greater credibility and trust
  • Google’s approach to video

If ever there was a good reason to elevate the importance of video in your business strategy, Google has announced that it is experimenting (which means there’s a change on the way) with ways to show short form video in search results more often.

The search engine giant says that short form video is often the most efficient, concise and clear way to satisfy queries, in particular those videos less than 5 minutes in length. Crucially, and in a slight departure from the current format, Google says that the vertical format, which is becoming increasingly popular on social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram, is the format that they would look to elevate into search results.

Google Product Manager Danielle Marshak, who oversees video in search results, recently said in a podcast, “This format, it’s really cool because as I mentioned, it is very concise. You can get a lot of information in a short period of time, and you can also get a lot of different views and perspectives…

“So we think this kind of content could be useful for a lot of different types of search queries, and we’ve been experimenting with how to show it to users more often.”

How would Google surface this video?

Google would surface short form video in the same way as text or image-based results by crawling and indexing them – this is already being done with self-hosted short form videos like Google web stories.

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