Simple, quick SEO wins

14th Sep 2017

There are many elements that make up good SEO practice – title-, H- and meta tags, well-researched keywords, intelligently-compiled content that answers User Intent, image optimisation and descriptions, Google Business listings, inbound links…the list is long!

But there are some really quick wins that can positively influence Google’s view of your site.

1. Domain age

Next time your domain comes up for renewal, consider renewing it for as long as possible within your budget. The impact is small, but it’s one of those lesser-known things that Google looks for – the longer the site has been around, and the further into the future the renewal date is, the more legitimate Google will think your site is.

2. Regular and considerable updates

Ever wondered why Wikipedia dominates so many search results? It’s because their entries are periodically updated, oftentimes to include a large amount of new information. Take the same approach!

3. Outbound links

if you’re aiming to be an informational resource that visitors trust (which is part of converting them into your sales funnel), then building credibility for your information by sourcing and linking it to credible external sources will really amplify your credibility in Google’s eyes.

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