Getting your website in Search Engine Results Pages is a top priority for you to get the most out of your website. Without links your site won’t be competitive and even if your other SEO is good, a lack of links can damage your ranking.


What is link building and why is it so important?

Link building is acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Google sees these links as votes of confidence for your page and includes this when deciding your page ranking for certain keywords. It can be daunting trying to get your first 50 links, so, here are 3 simple ways to start.


1.       Your domain name, brand name and executives.

  • The first step is looking at links that come from search results on your brand, domain and important people at your company.
  • Try searching Google for your company name. Ideally, every mention in the results should then have a link to your website.
  • Make sure these links are there. If not, change them yourself or contact the people who can. Repeat this for the names of people who run your company, your domain name and your brand.


2.       Know your competition and how linking is working for them.

  • Make a list of your biggest web competition, around 5-10. These will be people that rank highly in search results you would like to rank well in.
  • In Google, search for combinations of these. We’d suggest two at a time. For example, “Company 1 and Company 2”. The results you are given will show you sites that list these companies associated together. This could be a list of local companies that offer web design for example. You can then contact these companies explaining that you also offer this service and ask to be added. This is then another valuable link to your site.


3.       How to find the best linking options for your products or services

  • Write a list of your companies’ services or products. List from broader terms down to specific ones. Then do the same for the areas you operate in.  Again, from large areas to small. For example, Europe down to the specific area you are based in.
  • Next, make a list of what makes you different. For example, are you eco-friendly?
  • Research for sites that list companies based on the criteria you fit in to. Then ask to be added.


These three simple ways to link build, cost nothing except your time and can be a very good way to improve your search ranking. For more information read here. 


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