Google Rolls Out Core Algorithm Update

21st Jan 2020

Search engine giant Google has rolled out its first Core Algorithm update for 2020.

Simply entitled the ‘January 2020 Core Update’, this latest change from Google will have a universal effect on rankings, with a re-prioritisation of more recently-published pages in relation to sites that have been around longer.

This doesn’t mean that newer pages automatically get a higher ranking, it’s simply that older pages and therefore content is being reassessed against content that has been published since the last Core update, or content that may previously have been overlooked.

Will I see anything noticeable?

The most noticeable changes will include a significant gain or drop in certain search rankings, so over the coming days and weeks, pay attention to your site’s performance in Search results.

If you see a significant drop, consider:

  • What sites/pages have overtaken your site?
  • And why this might be the case
  • What content are the higher-ranking pages and sites offering that your pages are not?
  • And how can you improve the content on your pages to provide an even more comprehensive and specific solution for people searching for your product, services or information?

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