Google My Business the evolution of business search

6th Jul 2017

As always, Google is at the forefront of making search easier, faster and more efficient.

And that philosophy extends not only to the searcher, but to the business trying to get listed in the best possible way in the results. 

The search engine giant’s newest facility – Google My Business – is the next evolution of their facility to help businesses take charge of information in real time.

How it works

Businesses are able to sign up free, and quickly, to create a Google My Business account that gives admins the tools to update listings in real time from their phone, tablet and computer.

The listing features opening/closing times, contact details, map details, image galleries, menus, reviews and more all in the form of a free website-style listing. 

You can even request a photographer to come and shoot a 360-degree image of your business premises to give visitors a virtual tour.

Powerful analytics tracking including where traffic is coming from, what customers are interacting with on your listing, which photos are resonating most, and what customers are saying comes through in real time, meaning you are able to respond far more easily and quickly to queries, reviews, complaints etc.

Getting started

Getting a Google My Business account set up is free, and only takes a few minutes.

For more information on how to get started visit Google’s resource centre at

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