There’s no point in harping on about the fact that content is king – when it comes to good SEO, and actually just plainol’ good conversion, it’s content that drives the efficiency…

So what can you do to ensure the content you’re putting out on your website and social media channels stands out about above the rising tide?

  • Firstly, it’s worth getting a proper handle on the relationship between SEO and content. We know from reports that more than half of your traffic is likely to come from organic search (people typing in a query into Google, and getting a page full of results, hopefully with yours at the top).
    • In order to maximise your chances of being in the top 3 results, the content of your website has to match as closely as possible to the answer that the user is looking for.
    • But even if your site has a load of content that contains the answers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors will engage with it in the way that you hoped (most visitors aren’t as passionate about your business or product as you are – they want the quick win, the easy answer and the simple solution).

And that all means that your content has to be smarter, leaner, more focused and targeted to your potential customer.

Smart content is:

  • Discoverable
  • Optimised
  • Measurable against performance

Where can you get smart content from?

It’s likely that your company’s marketing materials have some – bullet points on your business’s core activities and how they’re market-leading; an article on a case study that lays out exactly what your specialist area is, and how you apply it; a video or infographic that captures the essence of your Unique Selling Points.

Repurposing this type of content for web use takes some expertise, but once you find the right ingredients and recipe, the results can be remarkable.

And of course, you can write great content from scratch, or hire someone to do it for you:

5 Top Content Tips

  1. Know your target audience, and what words and phrases they use to ask questions, engage with information, and find solutions. Then answer those questions, give them easily digestible information, and offer the solution on a plate.
  2. Know what they like to read about when it comes to your service or product. Hone in on the focus of their attention.
  3. Ensure your content is SEO-ready from the start. Lean sentences filled with natural language keyphrases and keywords will win you ranking points right from the start.
  4. Know exactly what is working and what is not – use data and goal-setting within your analytics to track performance, and test what is most and least efficient. Do more of the things that really work.
  5. Stay flexible – learn from the data, refine the strategy, rinse and repeat.

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