The Importance of Call to Action Buttons

Tuesday, 19th December 2017

Buttons are the most effective way to encourage user interaction...make sure your site has them!

No matter what the type of website you have – information, e-commerce, booking, community – the key to success is always about creating journeys that end in goal conversion.

And one of the most important (and obvious, actually!) ways to improve conversion – either from page to page or to the ultimate goal – is to use buttons.

Buttons were part of the early functionalities that website developers used to help visitors understand how to navigate this new online world.

As sites and design have evolved, so too have buttons, although over the course of time, it seems that fewer and fewer websites are making effective use of this highly-efficient visual cue.

Buttons’ importance in a world of Mobile and Apps

The significant increase in the number of mobile responsive sites and Apps, buttons have become even more important.

With limited space to communicate meaning and encourage navigation, a clearly-identifiable button is the easiest way to encourage action and goal conversion.

Best practice for button design

Designing good buttons is actually a pretty straightforward process…

1. Make buttons look like buttons – create clear edges, legible text and use a strong colour to make it as obvious as possible what you want users to do. For example, a button that is red may indicate a different action (delete, for example) than one that is green, or another colour.

2. Ensure the size is useful across multiple platforms – an MIT study revealed that the optimal size for a button across all forms of digital media (web, mobile and App) is around 10mm x 10mm.

3. Place them in obvious areas – work with a User Interface (UI) expert to help design the button into the best possible place on the page to encourage user action.

4. Ensure you label the button section with clear instructions. For example, ‘Are you sure you want to add this item to your cart?’ 

5. Call to action – make sure the button text entices and encourages action, for example ‘Make your CV here’.


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