It’s exciting times at the Realnet studio, with a number of important developments both in-front and behind the scenes.

Realnet – Your Online Advantage

The first one you’ll probably notice is the nifty new logo, which will soon be gracing communications. But we aren’t retiring our trusty green swoosh just for our own benefit. No, in fact we’ve guinea-pigged ourselves with a new partner, to develop a brand new range of branding services. We are extremely pleased to announce, that we have partnered with a leading branding agency.

We are now able to offer a complete branding service, which, allied to our comprehensive ability with web technologies, can take your new look even further. We have a number of options available to businesses, and are already underway with some exciting inter-agency projects – more news on these soon. We think they did a pretty good job with us, but let us know your thoughts!

For anyone in the Cambridge area on Wednesday 18th September, do drop along and visit us at Marshalls Airport for the annual Cambridge B2B exhibition. There will be over 100 businesses from the area exhibiting on the day, and it’s always a great place to meet new suppliers, and of course collect freebies. We’ll be there to give our new banners and brochures an airing, and will be happy to answer any internet related questions at our stand. Look out in the Cambridge Evening News, or visit for more details. If you can’t make it on the day, don’t forget that we also make a cracking cup of coffee next time you’re passing our studio.