Cars, Music and Fashion; meet KickOff.coms new signing!

21st Feb 2014, South Africa’s premier football news website, have today announced their latest acquisition – the Kickoff Lifestyle section; an exciting new prospect from the talented Realnet development team.

The new section revs up with Car Reviews, is right on the beat with Music Reviews and is timelessly en-vogue with an exciting new Fashion application (and yes, it offers more than just shirts). Having listened to their fans, this new section once again expands the field of the Kick Off experience, offering new tiers of content to its already loyal stadium of followers – and the talent to attract many more. By providing exciting new content, complementary to the South African and worldwide football news, the site is truly proving to be a champion in its league.

The Fashion page features a sweepingly innovative design, enabling visitors to browse the brands at pace without back-tracking and reloading pages. Give it a try. Realnet’s development maestros have put in a solid shift with the Kickoff team, to ensure the application hits the mark, and doesn’t come up short(s).

The new Lifestyle section also has a pure mobile version, optimised specifically to 2g coverage. This official decision ensures that the large percentage of mobile visitors aren’t unfairly penalised for older handsets, nor outpaced by desktop users. No corners were cut in maintaining access for all.

Once more Kickoff and Realnet have proved themselves to be a strong formation. With a solid backline, and crowd-pleasers up front, this latest addition to the Kickoff brand is right on the spot, and shows that the grass is never allowed to grow too long on the hallowed turf of South African football.

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