Realnet Retains Google Partner Status [2022]

Wednesday, 2nd March 2022

Realnet is proud to announce that we’ve retained our Google Partner status.

Realnet is proud to announce that we’ve retained our Google Partner status based on an evaluation by the tech giant of our ability to meet and exceed their new, more robust Partner criteria.

As a Google Partner agency, we’re able to deliver a higher level of integration, campaign success and overall efficiency for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Google only selects agencies that meet their strict requirements to qualify as experts in PPC, including passing Google Ads production certification training and exams.

There are several benefits to working with a Google Partner agency, including:

  • Leveraging the top experience and knowledge to set campaigns up correctly in the first instance and to manage them throughout the lifetime of the campaign
  • Knowing that your PPC agency is fully up to date with the latest tools, dashboards and technology to help your campaign succeed
  • The confidence that your PPC agency has qualified by passing the exams, and has done re-certification each time a new update is released
  • Fast and timely action to ensure your campaign not only runs smoothly, but that any learnings or issues that arise are reviewed and dealt with immediately
  • Early and oftentimes exclusive access to new features and functionality before they hit the main market
  • Support directly from Google – each partner agency has a dedicated line directly into Google to help guide, advise and support Partner agencies 

Find out more about what Realnet offers to help you build you online business effectively. Call us on 01223 550800 or email for more.

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Google Ads/PPC FAQs

PPC (Pay-per-click) is a type of marketing in which you pay for each time someone clicks on your website.

It is commonly is used to refer to Google Ads (formally AdWords) but can also be Facebook advertising, Bing Advertising or any other online service where you are paying per click.

The cost of Pay-per-click depends on your chosen keywords. It can vary depending on your business sector and several other things. Regardless of this, Google Ads spend can be controlled and changed whenever you like by setting a daily budget and maximum cost per click. This means PPC can be used to fit your budget and goals.

You can advertise on Google by creating adverts in Google Ads. Other search engines like Bing can also display 'ads' and have their own software to manage this. Most services, whether search engines or social media such as Facebook, use a pay-per-click model.