Realnet launches brand new marketing website for trundl

20th Oct 2021

Realnet is excited to announce the go-live of a brand-new marketing website for trundl, an exercise and charity membership app that inspires people from all over the United Kingdom to get active, get rewarded and make a positive contribution to various charity partners.

The app is due to launch soon, and trundl approached Realnet to get a marketing website up and running ahead of the app launch to help build brand awareness, increase programme uptake and ultimately raise more money for the charity partners.

The trundl approach is a unique one, in which members are encouraged to get more active by walking more often, whether for a purposeful stroll, a commute to work or a trip to the shops or post office.

Each ‘trundl’ is recorded, and as they put it “becoming a trundl member is like having instant access to a continuous sponsored walk” – members earn badges, become eligible for prizes and offers and simultaneously earn money for their selected charities.

Realnet’s approach to building the trundl website was to encapsulate their positive energy and commitment by using bright and friendly colours, and to ensure that the core message of the organization, and communicating exactly how it works, was brought to the front of the site’s messaging so that visitors unfamiliar with trundl are given the information they need early in the journey.

Bright, easily identifiable home page sections guide visitors to the explainer sections on the website, as well as to the charity partner section, news, how to sign up and FAQs.

Find out more about trundl at

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