Realnet launches dynamic Piper Cams website

Wednesday, 13th October 2021

Realnet is thrilled to announce the launch of a new client website for Piper Cams.

Realnet is thrilled to announce the launch of a new client website for Piper Cams. A brand new client, Piper Cams specialise in the research and development of high performance camshafts and exhaust systems, offering clients across various sectors a range of prototyping, development and manufacturing services.

Piper Cams approached Realnet to build them a bespoke website solution that solved a number of challenges including highlighting their specialist capabilities, allowing their customers to easily search for parts specific to their vehicle type or requirement, giving detail on their bespoke CNC and CAD_CAM facilities and generating sales through an e-commerce platform.

Realnet’s digital team worked with Piper Cams to ensure we delivered a website that meets all the requirements and more. Fully responsive and highly visual, the new Piper Cams website leads visitors into clearly defined journeys from the home page, using a highly-visible search selector and clear entry portals for car or bike customers to start their purchase process.

Once in the journey, the customer is guided easily through a series of visual prompts to find the part they’re looking for, and can add it to their basket before checking out through a verified e-commerce transaction.

The website’s design uses clear colour blocks to guide the visitor’s eye easily from section to section, and the home page is rounded off with a neat testimonials carousel. 

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