The Realnet Approach to Websites and Digital Evolution

4th Nov 2020

There is no doubt that this has been an extraordinarily stressful and challenging year for business owners, as freedom of movement, restrictions on certain types of trade, and a mass downturn in the economy have put pressure on cash flow and sales.

In light of this, and more so than ever, the need for a robust, well-planned and well-marketed digital presence has come to the fore, and Realnet has been proud to help a range of businesses weather the storm during 2020.

Realnet’s focus is on delivering websites that produce results – that’s not to say that we build products that are not attractive, which is, of course, a core part of enticing a user into engagement in the first place – but we want our websites to generate leads, deliver sales and enhance brand reputation in a measurable, sustained way.

What type of websites do we build?

We take a very open approach to website projects, asking our clients in detail about their businesses, customer bases, new opportunities to generate business, current digital platforms and what they’d like to achieve.

Based on their responses, budget and ideal outcome, we’re then able to offer a range of website types including:

  • Information & brochure
  • E-commerce
  • WordPress
  • Lead generation

And depending on each business’s requirements we’re able to enhance functionality to integrate CRM systems, inventory systems, mapping, live chat, news feeds, client databases and more to ensure a seamless experience both for owner and customers.

We have also developed a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) called LeanCMS which is very easy to use and gives clients the tool they need to update their own websites quickly, easily and effectively to maintain good SEO, an updated product and services range, and a fresh look and feel.

A diverse portfolio

One of the great benefits of working in the digital platforms industry is the breadth and diversity of the clients we work with.

Over the past 22 years we’ve had the privilege of developing long-standing relationships with clients including bespoke jewellers, flower bulbs importers, printers, entertainment technology wholesalers, pet cremation services, language translations and more.

What our experience has taught us is that the fundamental principles remain the same, no matter the industry our client is involved in – if we’re able to help them achieve their goals using digital technology, the result is always a positive one.

Some recent examples

As we mentioned before, this year has been a challenging one. Despite this, we have been working with our new clients and our existing clients to evolve their digital strategies and fine-tune their websites to help them grow over the coming months.

One of our new clients, FFWD Couriers in Cambridge, approached us with the key challenge of transforming and revitalizing their brand, and highlighting their local, national and international capabilities especially during Covid-19.

Our focus for them was to modernise their brand, create an easy booking system for customers, generate leads and emphasise their reliability. Their new website design achieves all these goals and more, generating business for FFWD from the day of launch.

For another of our new clients, ElectriCAL, a bespoke electrical services company specialising in high-end home automation amongst other services, our focus was on promoting their range of services, generating leads and improving their overall SEO.

ElectriCAL’s new website uses strong imagery to showcase their work and capability, which along with highly-optimised content has given them the portfolio website and lead generation tool they needed to drive new business.

Other clients we’ve worked with this year include AVM Services, a decontamination services specialist company whose consultancy and other services have been in high demand during Covid-19; Propellor Studios, a bid writing and response consultancy for the construction sector who have also worked with us on their bespoke bid response software called EasyPQQ; Frampton Worldwide who provide custom industrial-scale ovens and grills for the catering sector and Knight Precision Wire who supply high-end wire products for the electrical, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Added to this, many of our existing customers including Gee Tee Bulbs, J Brock & Sons and Pet Cremation Services have worked with us this year to evolve their existing Realnet web designs based on new data and analytics we’ve provided them.

As we’ve continued to see throughout this year and those preceding it, websites that really work to serve business goals need to be well-planned, well-built and marketed consistently, but also evolved to suit the ever-shifting needs of both the business and its customers.

Our in-house resources are ideally placed to deliver exactly these attributes and more, and we look forward to working with our current and new clients to build business websites that really deliver in 2021.

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